Yew Hing Loong's Eel fish maw

In addition to freshly stewed fish maw, Yew Hing Loong also has a collection of dried fish maw. As dried fish maw gift boxes require manual service quotations, interested friends are welcome to contact us.

Eel fish maw

Eel fish maw is the swim bladder of eels, accounting for one-third to half of their body length. It began to appear in the market about ten years ago, presenting itself as elongated cylindrical shapes with slightly viscous texture and pointed ends.

The nutritional value of fish maw.

Fish maw is rich in collagen protein, with a protein content as high as 84.4%. It is suitable for both adults and children.

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How to buy Eel fish maw

If you need to purchase dried fish maw gift boxes directly, please contact us, and a specialist will assist you.

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