Yew Hing Loong's Shuang Ya Fish Maw

In addition to freshly stewed fish maw, Yew Hing Loong also has a collection of dried fish maw. As dried fish maw gift boxes require manual service quotations, interested friends are welcome to contact us.


Shuang Ya Fish Maw

Shuang Ya Fish Maw, which constitutes approximately one-third of the total length of the fish, is stewed freshly by Yew Hing Loong to enhance its deliciousness.

Freshly stewed Amberfish maw

The nutritional value of fish maw.

Fish maw is rich in collagen protein, with a protein content as high as 84.4%. It is suitable for both adults and children.

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About Yew Hing Loong's Shuang Ya Fish Maw

Most of Yew Hing Loong's dried fish maw comes from Malaysia and Thailand. If you need to purchase dried fish maw gift boxes directly, a specialist will assist you.

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