Yew Hing Loong's North Sea Fish Maw

In addition to freshly stewed fish maw, Yew Hing Loong also has a collection of dried fish maw. As dried fish maw gift boxes require manual service quotations, interested friends are welcome to contact us.

North Sea Fish Maw

North Sea Fish Maw is a general term for fish maw. In Hong Kong, it is referred to as "扎胶" or "Fish Maw."

Name of Redlip North Sea

In the 1970s, Redlip Croaker Fish Maw was frequently found in the Beibu Gulf adjacent to the North Sea in China. It was later named "Beihai Fish Maw."

How to buy North Sea Fish Maw

If you need to purchase dried fish maw gift boxes directly, please contact us, and a specialist will assist you.

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