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Yew Hing Loong

Bentong Ginger Milk

Bentong Ginger Milk

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Fish Maw Quick Brief
The term “fish maw” refers to the swim bladder of fish. This substance is highly nourishing and has therapeutic properties. Typically, it is produced by drying the swim bladder of large sturgeon and yellow croaker. Fish maw is a rich source of collagen, protein, and other essential nutrients that are easily absorbed and utilized by the human body. Due to its high protein and low fat content, it is considered an ideal food.

Fish maw benefits
Fish maw provides benefits for the skin by nourishing “yin”, improving blood circulation, and making your skin more elastic, smooth, and plump. Furthermore, incorporating fish maw into Fresh milk Bentong Ginger dishes can significantly enhance their flavor. These natural health supplements are suitable for people of all ages and can be consumed at any time.

Butterfly Fish Maw benefits
Nourishing for the skin and anti-wrinkle, it replenishes collagen. Especially suitable for beginners, its texture is as silky as tofu, rich in gelatin, and almost odorless, making it widely accepted. The soft, bouncy, and smooth texture makes it perfect for creating fish maw milk pudding and desserts."

No Artificial Substances
The product contains no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, antibiotics, or hormones.

Product Specification:
1 bottle = 200ml
50g – 60g Fish Maw (Dry Fish Maw 10g)
High in protein

Storage Method:
If you plan on consuming it on the day of purchase, store it in a cool place.
Otherwise, refrigerate it. When chilled, the fish maw becomes jelly-like in texture due to its really high collagen content!

Recommended heating it before consumption, as the flavor is enhanced when heated over water.
To re-heat: Kindly double-boil for 8-10 minutes.

* * Freshly prepared upon order
* Best to consume within 7 days

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